Sue O’Donnell

Chance & Choice

Works on View: January 1st – February 28th 2013
Reception: January 13th 2013 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Sue O’Donnell has put together a very large installation of about a dozen new works that would be visually powerful to any casual viewer, but upon closer inspection reveal a powerful conceptual rigor. The works are mostly assembled in large grids from small prints produced with digital techniques. The finished grid is a dramatic formal abstraction with each of the individual components having its own tactile beauty and detail that draws the viewer closer.

“Memory and truth – what is hidden and what is revealed – is central in my work. I create visual narratives that are based on personal experiences and events. Recollections are recontextualized into diagrams and visual constructions that uncover patterns and paths and hidden infrastructures of chance and choice. These constructions reveal an obsessed preoccupation with self reflection and evaluation.

“Chance & Choice” is based on the idea of connections. The path these connections take is determined by the strength and significance of their effect – following a route that meanders through associations, references, observations, relationships and lasting impressions. The result appears organized however closer scrutiny reveals dense, overlapping edits – hiding and revealing thoughts that evolve and linger into questions of uncertainty and doubt.
– Sue O’Donnell

Sue O’Donnell is a visual artist whose work combines experimental book arts, graphic design, and conceptual narratives. She earned her MFA degree in Visual Arts at Purchase College in 2002 after having worked for many years as a freelance designer and digital consultant in
Buffalo, NY. She joined the faculty at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in 2007 where she teaches digital art and design fundamentals. O’Donnell brings with her a wide range of life experiences that informs her work and teaching philosophy. Along with a national exhibition record, she is the recipient of numerous artist residencies, grants, and awards.