Liz Silbaugh

Wide Angle: Space and Time in Landscape

November 3-30, 2023

Reception for the Artist: November 12th 2023 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Liz Silbaugh’s paintings in this exhibit address the idea that all places hold invisible pasts.  Who knows what has happened over time in any given spot?  What if we could experience all of it at once?  Equally compelling and overwhelming is the inverse – what if we could see everything that was happening all over the world at one moment in time? 

These paintings experiment with ways of expressing the unseen in every context.  Re-used surfaces and layers of images contribute to a sense of multiplicity while several oversized works anchor the group in the sweep and scope of both time and space, populated by echoes and fragments that could refer to past, present, here and far away.

About the Artist

Having grown up in Denver, Colorado, Liz Silbaugh depends on wide-open spaces and distant horizons for a sense of freedom and balance.  Now she loves her adopted home of 15 years: the Philadelphia area. 

Local visits to riverfronts, mountains, farmland, forests, and the ocean keep her connected to the horizon.  Over the past few years she has also been grateful to receive two artist’s residencies in Wyoming, of about a month each, providing space and time to paint space and time.  This summer she took a monumental road-trip West, featuring more time, space, and paint.

More of her work can be seen at