Sharon Bloomfield Hicks

Mixed Media Paintings

Works on View: November 27th 2010 – January 8th 2011
Opening Reception: December 12th 2010, 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Sharon Bloomfield Hicks’ exhibition Mixed Media Paintings was completed between 2006-2010. The exhibition includes acrylic paintings on paper, museum board, and canvas. The color and quality of the work are an influence from Jamaica, the artist’s maternal homeland. Bloomfield Hicks also integrates childhood past-times of weaving and embroidery.The artist’s background in fabric design is essential. Examples can be seen in collages with woven elements of painted strips of paper and hand stitched pieces.

The symmetrical shapes found in some of the paintings were created using two-handed drawing or painting. Mixed Media Paintings touches on themes of recycling and reconstruction while showing the viewer the vitality of finding new form in a variety of mediums.